Comach London


Our first collection is named after one a most famous medieval thoroughfare. The design of ‘Stonegate’ evokes the moment when the sun shines directly down the narrow street. At that time of day, the half-timbered buildings are brought alive by the glow of the sunlight as it shimmers off the stones.

We’ll continue to add to and develop the Stonegate collection as we go along, and we also have two other patterns currently under development. As the brand moves forward, we also intend to commission exclusive ranges from the best of emerging jewellery design talent in the UK.

The Comach brand


In her day my grandmother was a milliner to the great and the good – her company, Comach, made beautiful hats much cherished by their owners. When I was developing this first collection, I knew that I wanted the jewellery to have that same quality.

boxesMy grandmother taught me the importance of doing something well, so it felt right to honour her memory by using the Comach name for our jewellery brand – because to me, jewellery should be gorgeous, timeless and treasured.